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Painting Give-A-Ways

** Congratulations to Stephen Perona and Jacob Hurst, both of you are winners of the Spring drawing of the Store Lotto. The next drawing of names will take place in the fall, and once again there will be two chances to win a free original commissioned painting. Thanks to everyone for all the support**

Buying a print through this store could win you an original commissioned painting by Nate Wragg.

What does this mean? How does this work?

This means that with every print that is purchased from the store, the name of the customer who purchased that print will be automatically entered into the NATE WRAGG ARTWORK AND PRINTS LOTTERY. If you buy 1 print your name will be entered once into the lottery, if you buy 5 prints, your name will be entered five times into the lottery. Every six months TWO names will be picked at random (like a lottery) to be the winner, and thoses TWO names will be selected from all of the customers who purchased prints during the previous 6 month session. What those people will win is an original commissioned painting (you tell Nate what you want him to paint you) signed, framed and with free shipping.

There will also be other seasonal and random print and painting give-a-ways, the best way to stay current with any of the store updates, promotions or give-a-ways is sign up to be on the (e)mailing list and you can do that through our contact link.