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Holiday Painting Give-A-Way

Being a huge fan of the holidays, every year around this time I love to paint something under the holiday theme. I feel like it always helps bulid the excitement for one of my favorite times of year. As for this year, with the store opening I thought it would be fun to give something back to all of you who have been so supportive. So I thought it would be fun to offer an original holiday painting as a free give away at random to one of the customers of the store. The rules are simple for those interested, for every print that is purchased in the store ( and purchase of any print will qualify for entry into the give a way ) from now until December 20th, your name will be automatically entered into a chance to win the original painting of "Decorating the Yeti". And since this is only one painting, and it can go to only one person / family, there will be a few other special things going out as other fun holiday give a way suprises.

As for the painting iteself "Decorating the Yeti", this is an original painting created in Acrylic and Paper Collage, that measures 11"(H) x 8"(W). The painting will be shipped to the winner free of charge, and framed. You can also purchase a print of this piece in the store.

Also I should note that during the holiday season all prints in the store will be on sale as of today. There will also be a few new originals making there way into the store soon, so check them out if you'd like once they arrive.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions reguarding the holiday give a way.

** Well, after a huge turnout, the 1st annual holiday store raffle is officially over and I wanna say congratulations to Brian Mulcahy who was randomly selected to win the original framed painting of "Decorating the Yeti." Ryan Clark and Kathy Thomas were also randomly selected to win the other two, smaller original Yeti holiday paintings. Everyone else, who's name was entered into the raffle, your place is still saved into the stores free commission painting section, and I'll be selecting from those names once every 3 months now, the next one coming up at the end of the year. Thanks to everyone, and I hope you all have a great holiday.